The HandyBike is an unusual 6-inch folding bike from Germany that first sold in 2002. It was the first iteration of the HandyBike design that promised an easy last-mile commute on relatively flat ground for its users. Primarily intended to be used in a multi-modal commute (e.g. bike to bus / train, board with the folded bike, and bike to destination after leaving bus / train).

The frame is made of aluminum and is fairly lightweight and compact. The folding mechanism is similar in functionality to the Pacfiic CarryMe, yet folding towards the opposite direction. The front stem folds down and the seatpost collapses towards the rear wheel into a single pillar. The entire thing is locked into place with a latch. See these photos for a size comparison with a Dahon Classic 3.

Immediate notes:

  • 6" x 1.5 wheels (same size as the Sinclair A-Bike)
    • High pressure needed for an efficient ride (90 psi standard!)
  • Solid machined wheels (2.5mm thick rims!)
  • No folding pedals
  • Short 130mm cranks
  • Standard pitch chain, unlike the CarryMe, which used a smaller chain size

Details about this specific bike:

  • Serial number located on the headset: 0203400607 may correspond to a manufacture time of the 4th week of 2002-03, frame #607
  • Originally sold by “Klaus Wolf” of “Radsport Wolf” per this 2013 Yelp Review that matches the phone number on the frame retailer sticker

HandyBike in Contemporary Media

Check out this amazing video about using the HandyBike on German transit around the year 2000, complete with Eurodance theme music:

Official Specs

Weight 7.99 kg (frames and parts completely from aluminium)
Power Single speed with 52/7 gear ratio, max. speed 25 km/h
Wheelset ZZYZX aluminium wheels Standard tires and tubes 6x1" up to 6.3 bar (85psi)
Brakes Aluminium caliper brakes
Wheelbase 75cm
Handlebar height 77-132cm
Handlebar width 41cm
Distance from seat to bottom bracket 53 - 78cm
Folded Size 90 X 51 X 35 cm

See more at the archived copy of the original website (courtesy of the Wayback Machine):

Handling the HandyBike

I happened upon this particular bike on eBay and after paying ~£70, it shipped and arrived at my door within 3 days. I had to cannibalize a 6-inch inner tube to replace the deteriorated 20 year old tube that came in the rear wheel. With 2 tire levers prying, it was an easy replacement job.

The actual riding experience is quite unusual. With the handlebars so far forward paired to a low seating position the rider is mostly upright. The gear ratio is massive owing to the 7 tooth cog in the rear. You can actually get up to roughly 60% of your normal riding speed without much effort.

You must ensure the tire pressure is at least 90 psi otherwise a lot of power is absorbed by the tiny wheels. Braking power is weak but acceptable on flat ground, in an emergency you can easily prop your leg out to do a foot-drag stop since the bottom bracket + center of gravity is so low to the ground.

Folding the HandyBike

  1. At the rear frame: pull the red ball pin out and slide the frame lock up to allow the seatpost to collapse
  2. Use the QR to drop the saddle to minimize folded length
  3. Release the QR on the stem and rotate the front wheel to face the rear wheel
  4. Attach the latch near the bottom bracket to the folded stem to lock the entire package in place
  5. You now have a folded HandyBike


The only addition to the bike so far (as of 2024-07) are a squeeze horn (duck quack sound) and a bell. I think the duck horn suits this little guy perfectly!

Size compared to a kid’s scooter

The bike clearly resembles a kid’s scooter both in folded size and simplicity. It’s quite a sight in person.