Wrote a small tool to convert and insert waypoints from a GPX route into a MapFactor Navigator route.

MapFactor Navigator is an offline turn-by-turn navigation program you can stick on your phone. Was going to cycle from Leicester to Cardiff on Friday but instead got really sick and wrote this program.

It’s good for planning long cycle routes (I do it through Brouter, but you can use Googly maps) and then loading them into the navigator so you’re covered in case you miss a turn and need to re-route in an area with a bad / non-existant cell signal.

As Route-Importer for MapFactor failed to work on my Android Marshmellow device, I had to resort to writing my own GPX convertor for long cycle rides.

Routing issues

This was the original route planned by Brouter using OpenCycleMap data: around 232 km.

Inserting a route with 5000 waypoints crashed Navigator so I decimated the down to 900 waypoints. Was able to show them on the map but crashed any time it tried to calculate a route.

Trimming down to 250 waypoints it could more easily handle the load.

Leicester-Coventry-Gloucester-Cardiff on 01/07/2016

This ride, which I’d planned earlier in the week, didn’t end up happening due to sickness that weekend. Maybe later…