Having bought a bell similar to this one quite a while back for roughly (5 GBP), I’d seen how well it worked very loudly and clearly as a bell. Unfortunately, using the bell as a handlebar attachment is less than stellar due to its flawed strap design:

The steel strap which comes with it, leaves a large gap and owing to that, the bell has a tendency to spin around when you hit the slightest of bumps. Worse yet, if you hit a pothole hard enough, there is a chance the whole bell comes off completely because it’s retained by string friction with T shaped ends on the strap locking into a free-floating metal plate!

To make it work as it should, shims are needed to fill those gaps. Obviously this is less than ideal since the shims can slip and the bell can fall off once again.

The fix

The solution is always quite simple when you have the tools and material at hand: in this case, it was a 9/64" drill bit and a short releasable zip-tie.

All that was required to make the tie fully strap in, while being adjustable to the diameter of any handlebar was the releasable zip-tie, through which a hole was drilled for the bolt to screw into. The bell itself sits on this bolt and is fastened to the same metal plate that holds the striker as illustrated:

Et voila! It now functions correctly and is more adjustable, less easily lost and lighter weight than the original! Another good hack!