For the 3rd gamedev weekend project, I chose to take part in a game jam. The theme was set as anything related to “fishing”.

I had grandiose visions for this game, but sadly the scope of that meant it would never be finished without burn out. Written in Coffeescript, but has since been ported over to JS. I drew all the graphics on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and resampled some public domain / royalty-free sounds.

It remains working but unfinished due to the scope of the project.

Play it now

  • Your fish follow the mouse pointer
  • You can “recruit” other fish to fill your school by swimming into them
  • Other fish can refuse to join your school if you don’t have enough fat / biomass (molecule at the bottom)
  • Your school gains biomass by swimming into and then eating plankton
  • If any of your fish touch a hook, they are taken by the fishermen
  • Losing all your fish means you lose the game
  • Cut feature: “evolve” your school by acquiring roe (fish eggs) and cashing in your biomass

Source code can be found here