My second gamedev weekend project, this time I attempted to create a web version of a popular board game: Kulami.

Development finished on 30/05/2013. Current version has been patched to run in modern browsers (WebAudio API was changed since 2013).

Original features:

  • an intermediate skill-level AI player with taunts (filthy meatbag!)
  • RANDOM or a completely user-defined board layout
  • final score breakdown

Play it now

How to play

Construct board layout

Drag the tiles to form a board of non-overlapping tiles. Overlapped tiles are shown in red. Double click a tile to change its rotation. Or click on the RANDOM button to generate a random valid game layout.

Game rules

This game is won by scoring.

  • The player who owns the most cells wins.

  • On each turn, a player places a marble on an empty spot on a tile.

  • Players take turns placing one marble per turn in an empty cell on a tile that doesn’t contain the last move.

  • A move is legal only if it lies on the same row or column as the last marble played.

  • A player owns a tile when his marbles take up a majority of the cells on the tile.

  • A player’s score is the sum of the cells in owned tiles.

End game

The game ends when a player has no legal moves left on their turn. A tile per tile breakdown of the final score is revealed when the game ends.

Source code can be found here