Wrote and animated a lot of Flash games/animations back in the early 2000s during my time in high-school. Here are a sample of some of the better ones.

Defend 2 - Super Tank (2004)


  • WASD to move the tank
  • mouse to aim, click to fire
  • SPACE to switch weapons

Base Attack - 2D War Simulator (2002)

This was sort of half-way between a game and screen-saver. Two armies (white vs black) fight each other. Each battle (reload of the page) is completely random: background scenery changes, build order changes, reinforcements change.

I loved making games that made use of many random factors. The only controls available to pause/unpause the sim with the UP/DOWN arrow keys. This one drew heavy inspiration from Armor Alley. I was clearly more fascinated by the ground forces sent around by the AI than the actual gameplay involved in this helicopter game. This Flash game would be recreated years later as Microarmy.

There were several types of units available to each side:

  • Foot-soldier
  • Tank
  • Anti-air missle truck
  • Sabotage van
  • Bomber

Each side held its territory with a pillbox defending the main base: building with a radar dish atop. The game was lost once the main base was destroyed.

Rocket Defense (2001)


  • A / S to change the rocket’s trajectory
  • Click the rocket on the launcher to fire

Podlegs (2001)