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Hardware Architecture

Pocket Quicken (PQN-560)

Pocket Quicken (PQN-560) is a BOOKMAN device with a 3.5mm serial port and an onboard ROM that can communicate with PC software in order to back up and sync data from the device.

ROM Carts

ROM card pinouts

Bookman Connectivity Kit (BCD-2USB)

The BCD-2USB comes with a CD-ROM that contains the setup files for a Windows application called Bookman Desktop Manager (BDM). At the moment, we possess BDM 1.21, released around 2004 which supports connectivity with Bookman 3 devices. There are several pieces to this which will be documented here.

BCD-2USB cable pinout

Bookman Desktop Manager Software

All files (yes, really) contained on Mini CD: Bookman Desktop Manager 1.21.rar

Once installed from the setup EXE:

Mobipocket Reader Binary Analysis

Mobipocket Reader app is essentially an HTML (or extremely limited subset) browser which displays pre-baked HTML content. Very similar in concept to PhoneGap / Cordova and many modern mobile apps embedding WebViews.

BMC-2 / BMC-4 Flash ROM cartridges

Serial Data Communications

Internal references found within binaries


Grammar Parser from Ned Irons

From the parts of speech parsing program (webparse.exe) on ZZCad:

$ strings ~/Downloads/webparse.exe | grep -e "www"
    E:\www\users\zzcad\parse\dword.inf << FOUND this file on the server

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