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Content PrefixForm Factor SuffixSpeech?Bookman VersionName
ADV6401Advanced Dictionary & Thesaurus
ATH4401Advanced Thesaurus
BAS15952ALMAWRID ELECTRONIC Speaking Dictionary
BBQ8401Bertelsmann Wörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch
BCC6401Betty Crocker's Cookbook
BDF4401Französisch-Professor / Professeur d'allemand
BDF14402Deutsch / Französisch Professor PLUS
BDL14502Deutsch / Italienisch Professor PLUS
BDS1590Y2Sprechender Deutsch / Englisch Professor PLUS
BDS1880 / 1880ALY3Sprechender Language Professor Pro
BDS1860Y3Deutsch / Englisch Professor PRO
BDS1840Y2Deutsch / Englisch Professor PRO
BDS / KBS590Y1Sprechender Deutsch / Englisch Professor PLUS
BES1840Y2Larousse spanish professor - profesor de inglés
BES1850Y3Merriam-Webster Speaking Spanish / English Dictionary
BES1870Y3Larousse Spanish-English Dictionary
BES840Y1Speaking Spanish / English Master Dictionary
BFS840Y1French Professor / Professeur d'Anglais Speaking / parlant
BIL6401Dictionnaire Électronique ENCYCLOPÉDIE BORDAS
BIL16402Dictionnaire Electronique
BFQ14402Larousse English / French Dictionary
BLB4401Total Baseball Encyclopedia
BPS840Y1Perito Inglês Falante / Speaking Portuguese Expert
BQL4401Dizionario Inglese-Italiano Compatto
BQN4401Engelse Taalprofessor / Dutch Professor
CDR4401The PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs
COL6401Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
CSB14703Collins Bradford's Crossword Solver
DBD4401Deutsch / English Professor
DBD1450L3Deutsch / English Professor PLUS
DBD4601Deutsch / English Professor PLUS
DBD14402Deutsch / English Professor PLUS
DBD16603BOOKMAN III German / English Professor PRO
DBE6401Spanish Master / Maestro Ingles
DBE14402Larousse Spanish English with Cover
DBE14502Spanish-English Dictionary / Diccionario inglés-español
DBE14702Spanish-English Dictionary / Diccionario inglés-español
DEH111???Oxford Texton Hebrew / English Dictionary
DME4401Diccionario de la Lengua Española
DMF4401Dictionnaire de Poche
DML440 / 440A1Dizionario Italiano Compatto Zanichelli
DMM4401Macquarie Dictionary
DMQ440N1Collins Dictionary & Thesaurus
DMQ4451Dictionary & Thesaurus with Calculator
DMQ4401Dictionary & Thesaurus
DMQ6401Dictionary & Thesaurus
DMQ1870Y3Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus
EMQ6401Hutchinson Popular Encyclopedia
ENC6401Concise Columbia Encyclopedia
ESL580Y1Speak English!
ETS1870IOY3Turkish - English - German Speaking Professor
ETY6401Empty Bookman (Desktop Bookman Platform)
FNA1870Y3Dictionnaire Français - Anglais / Anglais - Français
FQS1840Y2Larousse professeur d'anglais parlent
FQS1870Y3Dictionnaire Harrap's Shorter Français-Anglais parlant
HDB14503Holman's Bible Dictionary
HED4401Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de Poche
JVI14503The JACK VAN IMPE Prophecy Bible
KBS15922Sprechender Deutsch/Englisch Professor PLUS
KJB6401Holy Bible King James Version
KJB770Y1Holy Bible King James Version
KJB14402Holy Bible King James Version
KJB1840Y3Holy Bible King James Version
KJB / BIB14503Holy Bible King James Version
KJB / KJV4401Holy Bible King James Version
LCE5601LAROUSSE2000 Copiloto Enciclopedia Electronica
LDE16803Elektronisches Handwörterbuch Englisch
LDE1660 / 1660B3Elektronisches Handwörterbuch Englisch
LDF1660 / 1660B3Elektronisches Handwörterbuch Französisch
LDL16603Dictionnaire Langenscheidt Allemand-Français, PONS Français-Anglais
LDS1660 / 1660B3Elektronisches Handwoerterbuch Spanisch
LIB1870Y3Speaking Larousse Spanish/English Dictionary with Berlitz Workbook
MB204???Babylon Plus English / Arabic Translator
MB303???Babylon Plus English / Hebrew Translator (8MB)
MB304???Babylon Plus English / Hebrew Translator (16MB)
MB804???Babylon Plus English / German Translator
MED17702Pocket PDR® Medical Book System™
MTC6401Mémoires du XXᵉ Siècle (Encyclopêdies Bordas)
MWD4401Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus
MWD6401Dictionary & Thesaurus
MWD14402Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus
MWD14503Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus with Cover
MWD14703Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus with Cover
MWS1840Y2Merriam-Webster Speaking Dictionary & Thesaurus
MWS840 / 840PLUSY1Merriam-Webster Speaking Dictionary & Thesaurus + Bonus Card
MWS3053Y2Merriam-Webster Speaking Dictionary & Thesaurus
MWX14703Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus with Spell Correction
NDA4621NANDA Platform (Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification)
NIV6401Holy Bible New International Version
NIV14402Holy Bible New International Version
ORG5601Nursing Organizer / Personal Organizer 128KB
PDR305012000 Pocket PDR Plus: Electronic Book-card With Upgraded Player
PDT4401Power Dictionary with Thesaurus
PJB7701Gran Diccionario Enciclopédico Electrónico Plaza & Janés
PN8700MDS1 (3rd Party)Brother Super PowerNote - Personal Electronic Notebook
PN8800FXB1 (3rd Party)Brother Super PowerNote - Personal Electronic Notebook with Built-in Data/Fax Modem
PQN5601Pocket Quicken
SCD1870 / 1870A / 1870-BL6Y3Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, 11th Edition
SCD770Y1Speaking Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary
SCD787Y3Merriam-Webster's Speaking Executive Dictionary with Thesaurus
SCG1870Y3Ultimate Reference Suite
SDK7651Sidekick 1MB
SDK5611Sidekick 128K
SDK5631Sidekick 512K
SDK7631Sidekick 512K
SED840Y1Speaking FUN-damental Merriam-Webster Dictionary
SLM4401Diet & Nutrition Guide
SSA840Y1Speaking Spelling Ace
TMD6401Deutsch Wortschatz
TMQ4401Pocket Lexicon
TRA4001Next Century Deutsch / Englisch Wörterbuch
WP230B1 (3rd Party)Brother Portable Daisy Wheel Word Processor
WP335B1 (3rd Party)Brother Professional Daisy Wheel Word Processor