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ModelCartridge NameYear
IC-901Digital Book System Demo1993
IC-168The Medical Letter® Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions????
IC-167Physician's Desk Reference 1997 Edition1997
IC-164DeGowin & DeGowin's Diagnostic Examination, 6th Edition????
IC-163Physician's Desk Reference 1996 Edition1995
IC-161Washington University Manual of Medical Therapeutics 28th Edition1995
IC-160Antimicrobial Therapy 1995 Edition1995
IC-159Oxford English/Arabic Student's Speaking Dictionary1995
IC-157Franklin Speech Card1995
IC-156Principles of Surgery Companion Handbook, 6th Edition1995
IC-152Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Companion Handbook, 13th Edition1995
IC-151Physician's Desk Reference 1995 Edition1995
IC-147DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)1994
IC-145The Medical Letter® Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions1994
IC-144Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy 1994 Edition1994
IC-141The Harriet Lane Handbook 13th Edition????
IC-139Betty Crocker's Cookbook1994
IC-135Oxford English/Hebrew Student’s Dictionary1994
IC-133Oxford Student’s Dictionary of Current English 2nd Edition1994
IC-132The Tradeline Pocket Stock Guide1993
IC-131Baseball Fantasy Analyst????
IC-130The New American Bartender's Guide1994
IC-129Big League Baseball Encyclopedia1994
IC-128Physician's Desk Reference 1994 Edition1994
IC-124Speaking German Professor????
IC-123Speaking French Professor????
IC-122Speaking Spanish Master1993
IC-121Holy Bible New International Version1993
IC-120Robert Parker's Wine Guide????
IC-119Holy Bible King James1993
IC-118The Merck Manual 16th Edition1994
IC-117Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy 1993 Edition1993
IC-116Merriam-Webster Advanced Dictionary and Thesaurus????
IC-115Game Gallery I????
IC-114Concise Columbia Encyclopedia1993
IC-113Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Companion Handbook????
IC-112Collins Queen's English Dictionary????
IC-111Tradeline Pocket Stock Guide????
IC-110The All-Time Baseball Manager????
IC-109The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary????
IC-108Big League Baseball Encyclopedia????
IC-107Franklin Personal Organizer????
IC-106Pocket PDR????
IC-105Washington University Manual of Medical Therapeutics 27th Edition????
IC-104The Medical Letter Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions????
IC-103Word Games1992
IC-102Video Companion????
IC-101Merriam-Webster Dictionary Plus1992
????Collins Spanish/English Bilingual Dictionary????
????Collins French/English Bilingual Dictionary????
????Collins German/English Bilingual Dictionary????
????Bartlett's Familiar Quotations????
????Electronic Archives of America????
????The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary????
????The Oxford Student's Dictionary????
????Franklin Euro Organizer????
????Betty Crocker's Cookbook 40th Anniversary Edition????
????Betty Crocker's Microwave Cookbook????
????Monarch Notes - The Major Works of Shakespeare????
????Nutrition and Diet Guide????
????Zip Code Directory????
????The CIA World Fact Book????
????Wallach's Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests????
????Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary????
????USP DI Volume 1, Drug Information for the Health Care Professional????
????Stedman's Medical Dictionary 25th Edition????