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ModelCartridge NameBookman VersionObtained?
ADV-2002Advanced Dictionary & Thesaurus1Y
AMT-3006The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy 1997MBSY
ATH-2011Advanced Thesaurus1Y
BCC-2007Betty Crocker's Cookbook1Y
BCB-1BOOKMAN Book Card 5 Pack1
BCD-1BOOKMAN Connectivity Kit : Bookman Manager + Serial Cable2Y
BCD-2USB / BCD-4Franklin PC Connectivity Kit : BOOKMAN Desktop Software + USB Cable / Franklin Download Kit3Y
BDE-2071Wörterbuch Deutsch-Spanisch / Diccionario Español-Alemán1
BDE-3031Deutsch / Spanisch Professor PLUS – Diccionario aleman-espanol PLUS2
BDE-3043Deutsch / Spanisch Professor PLUS – Diccionario aleman-espanol PLUS2Y
BDF-2027Professeur d'allemand / Französisch Professor1Y
BDF-3029Deutsch / Französisch Professor Plus Professeur d'allemand2
BDF-3045Deutsch / Französisch Professor PLUS Dictionnaire allemand-français2Y
BDF-3057Deutsch / Französisch Professor PRO2Y
BDF-4045Deutsch - Französisch Professor PLUS3
BDL-2070Wörterbuch Deutsch-Italienisch / Dizionario Italiano-Tedesco1
BDL-3030Deutsch / Italienisch Professor Plus Dizionario Italiano / Tedesco2
BDL-3042Deutsch / Italienisch Professor Plus Dizionario tedesco-italiano2
BDS-2023Sprechender Deutsch / Englisch Professor (Speaking English-German Dictionary)1
BES-2019Speaking Spanish Master / Maestro Ingles1Y
BFE-2080Dictionnaire Français-Espagnol Diccionario Espagnol-Francés1
BFQ-3033Professeur d'Anglais / French Professor2Y
BFS-2024Speaking English-French Dictionary1
BJP-2034Blackjack & Video Poker1Y
BKS-6001Lord Jim - Electronic Novel1
BLB-2017Total Baseball Encyclopedia 19951Y
BLB-2039Total Baseball Encyclopedia 19961Y
BLB-2069Total Baseball Encyclopedia 19971Y
BMC-2 / BWC-22MB Bookman Flash Expansion Card (Bookman Writer Card)Determined by Card ContentY
BMC-4 / BWC-44MB Bookman Flash Expansion Card (Bookman Writer Card)Determined by Card ContentY
BNF-2029Franse Taal Professor / Professeur de Néerlandais1
BQC-2021Bible Questions & Answers1Y
BQF-2025Professeur d'Anglais / French Professor1Y
BQF-3033Professeur d'Anglais / French Professor2
BQL-2066Dizionario Inglese-Italiano Compatto1Y
BQN-2047Dutch-English Dictionary1
BTG-2008Bartender's Guide1Y
BW-10Bookman Writer3
CDR-2041The PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs1
CED-2031Merriam-Webster FUN-damental Dictionary1
CET-2073European Translator C41Y
COL-2010Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary1Y
CWQ-2056Crosswords Puzzle Solver1Y
DBD-2015Deutsch / English Professor1Y
DBD-3028Deutsch / English Professor Plus2
DBD-3040Deutsch / Englisch Professor PRO2
DBD-3056Deutsch / English Professor PRO2
DBD-4028DLGerman / English Dictionary3
DBE-2020Spanish Master / Maestro Inglés1Y
DBP-2076Perito Inglês Portuguese Expert1
DFC-3015Drug Facts & ComparisonsMBS
DFL-3034Dictionnaire encyclopédique2
DME-2038Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola1
DMF-2028French Monolingual Dictionary1
DMM-2075Macquarie Dictionary & Thesaurus1
DMQ-2016Queen's English Dictionary & Thesaurus1Y
DOC-3010Drugs of Choice from The Medical LetterMBS
DOC-3026Drugs of Choice from The Medical LetterMBSY
EBR-4051Britannica Concise Encyclopedia3
EDB-2060The Luther Bible Book / Die Bibel nach der Übersetzung Martin Luthers1
EMG-2006Parents' Emergency Medical Guide1Y
EMQ-2061Hutchinson Popular Encyclopedia1Y
ENC-2005The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia1Y
ENC-2046Concise Columbia Encyclopedia (3rd Edition)1Y
ENC-4047The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, 4th Edition3Y
GCC-3012Griffith's 5 Minute Clinical ConsultMBSY
GCC-3035Griffith's 5 Minute Clinical ConsultMBS
GDS-2026Great Documents of American History1Y
GDE-2078Gran Diccionario Enciclopédico Electrónico Plaza & Janés1
GDE-2082Gran Diccionario Enciclopédico Electrónico Plaza & Janés1
GRM-2035Grammar Ace1
GWH-2055The PDR® Family Guide to Women's Health and Prescription Drugs1
HAD-3018The Medical Letter® Handbook of Adverse Drug InteractionsMBS
HAL-3004The Harriet Lane HandbookMBS
HAR-3008Harrison’s Principles Of Internal Medicine Companion HandbookMBSY
HAT-3016Medical Letter Antimicrobial TherapyMBSY
HED-2077Hachette Dictionnaire Encyclopédique de Poche1
INJ-3017Handbook on Injectable DrugsMBS
KJB-2003Holy Bible-King James Version1Y
MAR-3005Martindale The Extra PharmacopoeiaMBSY
MBC-2036Math Blaster Mystery1Y
MER-3024The Merck Manual Centennial EditionMBS
MWD-2001Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus1Y
MWS-2018Speaking Merriam-Webster® VestPocket Dictionary & Thesaurus1
MWS-3053Speaking Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus2Y
NDH-2062Nursing97 Drug Handbook1
NDH-2081Nursing98 Drug Handbook1
NIM-2072Gahart’s Intravenous Medications1
NIV-2004New International Version Holy Bible 1Y
NLM-2079Lippincott's Pocket Manual of Nursing Practice1
NND-2063NANDA Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification1
OALD-3054Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary2Y
PDI-3013PDR Drug Interactions and Side EffectsMBS
PDI-3032PDR Drug Interactions and Side Effects (2000)MBS
PDR-30011998 Physicians' Desk ReferenceMBSY
PDR-30141999 Physicians' Desk ReferenceMBSY
PDR-30232000 Physicians' Desk ReferenceMBS
PDR-30462003 Pocket Physicians' Desk Reference MBSY
PDR-30502004 Pocket PDRMBSY
PHM-3022PDR for Herbal MedicinesMBSY
QBD-2067Quadlingual Business Dictionary1
QTS-2040Bartlett's Familiar Quotations1Y
RMB-2030Read With Me Bible1
SCD-2049Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Speaking Edition1Y
SDM-3009Stedman's Medical DictionaryMBS
SED-2050Speaking FUN-damental Dictionary1Y
SHR-3011Compendio Harrison Principios de Medicina Interna 13.a ediciónMBS
SLM-2013Diet and Nutrition Guide1Y
SPB-2053Santa Biblia Versión (1960 Spanish Reina Valera Bible)1Y
SSA-2045Speaking Spelling Ace1Y
SSA-2085DLSpeaking Spelling Ace1
STK-2032Stock Symbols1
‎TFR-2059Dictionnaire des Synonymes1
TMD-2014Deutscher Wortschatz / German Monolingual Thesaurus1
VPD-2048Voice Pad1Y
WAS-3002The Washington University Manual of Medical Therapeutics 28th Ed.MBSY
WAS-3019The Washington University Manual of Medical TherapeuticsMBSY
WGM-2037Word Games1Y
WNG-2009Parker's Wine Guide1Y
WWC-2052Weight Watchers® Cookbook1
XBT-2058Bible Challenge™1
XGT-2043CrossWire™ Trivia Game1Y
XST-2051CrossWire™ Sports Trivia Game1Y