A Budget single-speed build

@suoman was having real issues with her 100 quid department store bike so I decided to chip in and get her something better especially after hearing how nice it would be to own a racing-style-not-so-heavy-bike.

I had a think and came up with a budget (< 120 GBP total) for her new ride. In addition to being as cheap as possible while being a decent bike, this new bike need to:

  • have better brakes than current bike
  • be more easily maintainable than current bike
  • be more lightweight than current bike
  • mount a rack for carrying panniers
  • look cooler
  • be more fun to ride

The Base

  • Found a Jamis Beatnik 2014, frame size 47 cm
  • Bought from ebay for a measly 40 GBP (9 GBP for Uber ride to go collect it)
  • Gearing is 46t x 16t on 700c x 25x wheels, giving it a total of 83 gear inches (a high gearing)
  • Frame is 1040 steel
  • Very good condition, only scratched paint
  • Came with a sad looking “Viscount Seagull” saddle which was quickly replaced
  • 700x25c wheelset (25-622), tires are Vittoria Zaffiro, rims are ALEXRIMS IDI9

Frame geometry

Measurement Value
Size (cm) 47
BB Height 275
Chainstay 405
Fork Offset 45
Head Tube 95
Head Tube Angle 71.5
Seat Tube (C-T) 470
Seat Tube Angle 76
Standover 745
Top Tube (Effective) 508

Customizing it for the rider

I had to make a few additions and replacements to the base:

  • saddle for medium to large hiny, used is OK!
  • large pedals with good bearings, used is OK!
  • drop bars, lighter weight the better, used is great! 25.4mm diameter clamp
  • streamliner rack for handsome looks!
  • LED bar ends for extra visibility at night!


She likes it, brilliant!