Inbound to Cambridge from London

We started off at city hall as an FW-club ride. And took one of the more direct and least elevated routes to Cambridge. Stopped 30 km short of Cambridge for lunch and a pint at a local pub. When the group got in, they settled into their YHA rooms and I checked in at my AirBnb. A pleasant ride especially after the late night on Friday.

Stat Total
Distance 95.1km
Moving Time 4:12:15
Elevation 368m
Estimated Avg Power 101W
Energy Output 1,528kJ
Calories 1,704
Elapsed Time 8:11:38
Avg Speed 22.6km/h
Max Speed 66.2km/h

Outbound from Cambridge to Leicester

After a great night’s food and rest, I was all recuperated and ready to begin the long ascent back home to Leicester from Cambridgeshire. Unluckily for me, I picked one of the worst days to ride to Peterborough, through which, the Tour de Cambridge cycle race was routed through. Trying my luck at every junction through to P-town, I eventually made it through the blockades with the help of a sympathetic race official. My reward was not only a great many heckles from the townsfolk, but also a few glimpses of the tĂȘte de la course. After a re-energizing lunch at Whittlesey, Bessie and I headed into Peterborough.

There was a momentary stop at a cash and carry in Peterborough to gather some fruits and sources of glucose. I must have ended up eating over 12 bananas…

From then on, it seemed there was an unrelenting ocean of hills that awaited me until my final descent home in Leicester. After many slow climbs and rapid descents totaling a 12 hour tanning session on the bike, it was nice to finally be home for a warm shower and some light supper.

Stat Total
Distance 160.0km
Moving Time 7:59:59
Elevation 757m
Estimated Avg Power 85W
Energy Output 2,458kJ
Calories 2,741
Elapsed Time 12:33:22
Avg Speed 20.0km/h
Max Speed 129.2km/h