The name comes from the first thing I tried to recreate within it: the NASA worm logo.

There’s a Twitter account I follow which often posts design-related inspiration and imagery from various books, artists, and commercial products: @presentcorrect. I happened upon a post that caught my eye. It was this page from the Gujarati Type Foundry Book (1940):


I knew I had to put something together to play with this system that laid out as pieces of multi-language typefaces with simple geometric shapes. All you needed was this shape collection to start composing stylish types by moving and rotating the blocks!

Start playing with WormForm


  • Drag shapes from the palette on the left
  • Rotate them by double clicking / tapping
  • Move the working area around by dragging the empty space
  • Delete shapes by dragging them into the trash

It auto-saves your design, which will load itself when you revisit the page.

Sample designs

NASA worm logo

sun microsystems logo

pepsi logo

palm computing logo

thanks text