Mazes have always fasincated me. They can be generated via some simple rules and take beautiful, myriad forms.

New Year’s Eve 2014 Maze

Maze generator remixed! New years message written for friends for 2014.

Maze generator using the <table> element

Maze generator toy that draws mazes with tables and CSS-borders instead of canvas: runs in IE and also quite well on the Kindle experimental browser.

Uses the basic recursive backtracker algorithm to carve a maze out of untouched cells in the grid. Also implemented in mazegen.html is a basic editor to create a logo array: mark cells as visited before the maze carving begins- the logo will remain unmolested as the carving proceeds.

maze.html       A single carver maze.
mazegen.html    4 carver maze.
steve.html      For my friend Steve Pearce's 25th birthday. :)