Budget single-speed build (@suoman commute machine)

@suoman kept moaning about her 100 quid department store bike so I decided to chip in and get her something better especially after hearing how nice it would be to own a racing-style-not-so-heavy-bike.

I had a think and came up with a budget (< 120 GBP total) for her new ride. In addition to being as cheap as possible while being a decent bike, this new bike need to:

The Base

Frame geometry

Attribute Value
Size (cm) 47
BB Height 275
Chainstay 405
Fork Offset 45
Head Tube 95
Head Tube Angle 71.5
Seat Tube (C-T) 470
Seat Tube Angle 76
Standover 745
Top Tube (Effective) 508

Customizing it for the rider

I had to make a few additions and replacements to the base:


She likes it, brilliant!