Miscellaneous Sculptures

2012, 2013

Starman & Crashed UFO

late 2012

A ceramic homage to Earthbound created as part of a ceramics course. The starman's insignia is glazed in black. Its outer coat is spray painted with silver metallic paint. Compare with a starman figurine from the game.

Instamorph T-Rex Skull

August 2013

1 1 1 1

Used a 3D model reference to sculpt a ~1:20 scale T-Rex skull from Instamorph (Polycaprolactone). First, I made the top half of the skull as closely as possible to the 3D model. Then I modelled all the teeth individually and inserted them into the warmed gum regions. Possible hazards: scalding water and steam burns.

Fallout Helmet

Dec 2012

1 1

Smushed polymer clay into the form of the iconic T-51b Power Armor helmet from the Fallout game series. Burnt the top of the helmet in the toaster oven slightly for a "rust" effect. Compare with an in game image.