TechShop notes

Various tidbits learned from SF TechShop classes Oxy-Acetylene Torch Starting: Open the acetylene valve to the torch first, then the oxygen valve. Stopping: Close the oxygen valve, then the acetylene. Gas valve open/close order mnemonic: POOP — Propane, Oxygen, Oxygen, Propane. Oxygen blown by the cutting head of the torch actually burns the steel / iron which is being cut. The extra oxygen combusts the material which turns into slag (~oxide) falling off onto the floor. »

IBM M2 Clicky Keyboard Repair

These particular model M buckling spring (B-S) or “clicky” keyboards were paired and sold with IBM PS/1 and some PS/2 systems circa 1990. As of writing, my M2 keyboard is about 18 years old. Old age brings about hardware failures of all sorts and the M2 is no exception. »