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Riding the Norfolk Nobbler 2017
First long ride of the year with the LBBG: a good chance to test the value of new gear.

@suoman Commute Machine
@suoman kept moaning about her 100 quid department store bike so I decided to chip in and build her something better on a budget!

Manchester Critical Mass Feb 2017
I wrap Bessie up in ultra-high-visibility gear for riding with Manchester Critical Mass in February.

Dahon Classic V + mod
Can a folding bike be cheaper than a Brompton but still good enough? I find out by purchasing and modifying a Dahon Classic V bike for £70

Cycling Equipment Upgrades 2016
See the cost-benefit breakdown of all my 2015 - 2016 cycling equipment upgrades.

Cycling London-Cambridge, Cambridge-Leicester
Rode with the Eff-Dub-Club from London to Cambridge to Leicester: a 250km weekend tour in stats and photos.

Free Spirit women's bike single-speed conversion
Fixed up an unfinished single-speed conversion on a mid-70s women's bike that had sat in the family garage for years.

Del's Red Minivelo
Stripped down a 5-speed mini-velo to create a light single-speed city bike for Del.

Cycling in 2015
How I got addicted to a long time hobby and turned it into a lifestyle.

95km London to Brighton
Rode 95 km from east London to Brighton with beer garden stops.


Alice Holt Forest Trail (30km)
A stunning day-long 30km hike through the trails of the Alice Holt Forest.