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Most of my notable activities are tracked through Strava these days; why not have a look?


Building up from a clown bike: the little Wasp
The littlest bike becomes a little less little.

Modernizing a Moulton Automatic
Modernizing a well used eBay Moulton Automatic into a nimble commuter.

Isle of Wight Randonnée 2017
Lovely weekend tour hosted by the Isle of Wight in the South of England.

Norfolk Nobbler 2017
First long ride of the year with the LBBG: a good chance to test the value of new gear.

@suoman Commute Machine
@suoman gets built a new bike!

Manchester Critical Mass Feb 2017
I wrap Bessie up in ultra-high-visibility gear for riding with Manchester Critical Mass in February.

Dahon Classic V + mod
Can a folding bike be cheaper than a Brompton but still good enough? I find out by purchasing and modifying a Dahon Classic V bike for £70

Cycling Equipment Upgrades 2016
See the cost-benefit breakdown of all my 2015 - 2016 cycling equipment upgrades.

Cycling London-Cambridge, Cambridge-Leicester
Rode with the Eff-Dub-Club from London to Cambridge to Leicester: a 250km weekend tour in stats and photos.

Free Spirit women's bike single-speed conversion
Fixed up an unfinished single-speed conversion on a mid-70s women's bike that had sat in the family garage for years.

Del's Red Minivelo
Stripped down a 5-speed mini-velo to create a light single-speed city bike for Del.

Cycling in 2015
How I got addicted to a long time hobby and turned it into a lifestyle.

95km London to Brighton
Rode 95 km from east London to Brighton with beer garden stops.


Alice Holt Forest Trail (30km)
A stunning day-long 30km hike through the trails of the Alice Holt Forest.