Riding the Norfolk Nobbler in 2017

The original plan was to ride with LBBG until Kings Lynn and split off to Lincoln. Did the Hunstanton loop from Kings Lynn instead and was too tired to cycle the extra 110 km to Lincoln. It was still a good ride anyhow and I had a brilliant time resting my tired legs in an Airbnb right on the castle hill in Lincoln.

Weather proved to be good, the group timed our arrival into Cambridge and Kings Lynn so that we’d miss most of the rain, only sustained a bit of drizzle and very light winds, mostly a tailwind into Kings Lynn from Cambridge.


New Gear

I tested out several new pieces of touring gear: Carradice SQR Trax pack with SQR mount on ebay, ex-display for 40 GBP plus bracket.

It had lots of storage and wasn't too heavy by itself. However, nature abhors a vacuum and the pack was filled with all sorts of needless weighty “just-in-case” items. The pack was good for soaking up the road spray and the mud that would have ended up on my pants. Mudguard would have solved that problem.

Contents of the SQR saddlepack: one tube, multi-tool hex wrench (unused), a spare shirt, spare shorts, sealskinz socks, other junk food items acquired and accumulated from visits to gas stations.

All in all, would not ride long distances with that set up again, it goes against my approach of minimizing weight when riding. Instead, a better idea might have been to carry my Jansport bumbag (1.5L volume) and use my jersey's rear pockets: 1 x Large pocket, 2 x small pockets.

New Drink unlocked

I rode with a fellow named Patrick, who quite amazingly started from Hastings, who gave me some of his Skratch Labs infused water when mine ran out. 3 hours from the end of the ride, I hit a “second-wind” that gave me the strength to ride exceptionally well, i.e. keeping up with the ride leader. At the time, I attributed that to a mouthful of digestive cookies eaten 20 min prior, but the real cause was my body’s absorption of the Skratch Labs water.

Naturally, I ordered a few packets of it from Amazon post-ride to try it out myself. I will give it a proper review in a later post.

Issues with long rides

I still have some issues with saddle sores, where I'm consistently good to ride up until the 210 km mark. The current set up has me on a Selle Italia Carbonio SLR saddle, firm rear suspension block for the Brompton. Not sure what the solution might be: perhaps it's time to try out lyrca underwear, underarmor pants, or maybe even try padded shorts?

Future rides will see me try out new and different combinations of outfit for these longer sessions in the cockpit.