an inelegant but effective solution to a problem

Random Sound Tin

My daughter is approaching the 6 month mark. This is a time when kids start to develop gross motor skills and begin to express themselves through play. In anticipation, I jumped at the chance to make some dynamic toys for her in addition to the mostly rigid ones she’s collected so far. Ended up doing a Friday late night build. Since I didn’t have a collection of sounds ready, I just dumped all the sound effects from the DOS game Blood as a test. »

Gear VR Controller Reverse Engineering

The result so far Here’s a video demo of I was able to achieve with this reverse engineering effort: Click here if you’re interested in running this yourself. Background About a week ago I was having a look at some new input devices to use for my game experiments that were a little more interesting than a simple USB or Bluetooth Gamepad. »

Cheap Bike Bell Modification

Having bought a bell similar to this one quite a while back for roughly (5 GBP), I’d seen how well it worked very loudly and clearly as a bell. Unfortunately, using the bell as a handlebar attachment is less than stellar due to its flawed strap design: The steel strap which comes with it, leaves a large gap and owing to that, the bell has a tendency to spin around when you hit the slightest of bumps. »

Foldable rowboat v1

Over the summer of 2013 several very well made corrugated plastic boats were featured on DIY sites and on r/buildaboat. It all seemed very simple to do and I’d always wanted my own boat to fool around with so I thought why not! »