Samsung Gear 360 (SM-200) image and video workflow on MacOS

I’ve long been interested in 360 panoramic photos and videos and being a patient tech consumer, I was fortunate to get the 2016 Gear 360 camera for the low price of £80 shipped; 22% of the original launch price of £350. Additionally, I wrote a simple 360 web viewer, so I can use any image host (e.g. Imgur, Dropbox, etc.) and not be tied to a specific online platform like Kuula. »

Mocute Bluetooth Gamepads

These cheap bluetooth gamepads are often branded and sold as remote shutter buttons for smartphones. I think their best purpose is actually to be used as gamepads, especially for mobile devices and bluetooth-enabled PCs. They can be routinely found on either eBay or Amazon for around $3 or 5 GBP, shipping included. This makes them one of the best value bluetooth input devices on the market as of 2018. »

Faulty Raspberry Pi Zero W

If you’ve done everything you’ve known how to get a Raspberry Pi Zero W (v1.1) to work but can’t get it to boot up and recognize the Wifi, there’s a chance you may have a defective board. Setup After purchasing you should have been able to do this to get it working: Instead, research has led me to reach the same conclusions as these other people who have had the same issues with their RP0W »