Celestial Combat

Currently a work in progress! Celestial Combat is an expanded port of a Windows 3.1 era space game called Gravity Well. I wrote it to experiment with vector graphics and make use of PixiJS. Supports bluetooth gamepads and has its own game assets packing / loading system. Source code »

Gamedev Weekend 1

Junior’s first 48 hour collaborative gamedev Life gets boring sometimes when you do the same thing over and over again by yourself. Two weeks ago, I had an epiphany: I didn’t have to do the same thing by myself if there were people I could coax into doing it with me. Must have been what I’d missed out on all this time. Finding people was easy enough: I scrounged 30 seconds of my day and put up a Facebook status update. »

DOM-based RTS Engine

A Command and Conquer engine in JS Update Nov. 2011: Aditya Ravi Shankar created a version that uses canvas blitting instead of DOM manipulation. Your unfinished C&C demo inspired me to give it a shot. My version uses HTML5/Canvas and works in Chrome/Firefox. »

Flash games

Wrote and animated a lot of Flash games/animations back in the early 2000s during my time in high-school. Here are a sample of some of the better ones. Defend 2 - Super Tank (2004) Controls WASD to move the tank mouse to aim, click to fire SPACE to switch weapons Base Attack - 2D War Simulator (2002) This was sort of half-way between a game and screen-saver. »