Equipment Upgrades

Upgrades to Bessie the Brompton Getting a Brompton brought me into whole new level of cycling. When I first got Bessie (the Brompton), the first thing I noticed was how little bike there was compared to how fast it could pick up speed. It was the next best thing to having a personal jetpack. You see less of the bike in the cockpit. You feel less of the bike because a Brompton’s center of mass is lower, and you accelerate much much faster owing to the interplay between its smaller wheel size (16” x 3⁄8”) and a higher gear ratio. »

Del's Red Minivelo

A minivelo is a type of small wheeled bike with a standard road bike geometry and smaller sized wheels. Typically, they are non-folding and fill a niche in between full-sized road / city bikes and folding bikes. Simplicity is the order of the day with most minivelo designs. »

Cycling in 2015

Biking since moving to London UK Cycling has always been a way for me to get around and explore places nearby but out of walking distance. After I moved to London, the first few weeks were fairly boring in spite of the extensive means of public transit offered by the city. »

London to Brighton Ride

First long ride (~100 km) from London to Brighton after getting the 100GBP Argos “crusader” bike. We tried following a basic Google mapped route but weren’t used to the roundabouts. Almost ended up on an M series highway for one of the turns. »