Isle of Wight Randonnee 2018

The IOW Randonnee was fantastic this year. I rode down from Euston again, but this time heading from Euston to Farnham and then bearing south towards Petersfield and finally to Portsmouth, rather than Southampton. Euston to Portsmouth Cycle Island 2018 https://www. »

Modernizing a Moulton Automatic

I’ve been obsessed with the design lineage of the Moulton bicycle ever since I got my first small wheeled folding bike: Bessie the Brompton. In mid-April 2017, a Moulton automatic appeared on eBay for 150 GBP with no bids and I decided I had to have it. »

Shrimpy - the evolution of a tiny bike

The base frame The foundation of the build was a tiny clown bike manufactured some time in the early 2000s under the name “Mikro-bike”. The marketing website from 2002, archived via WayBack Machine is available here. My particular bike came with a new seatpost and a worn rear wheel (solid rubber! »

Isle of Wight Randonnee 2017

London Euston to Southampton, Cycle Island Tour Every year, the Isle of Wight hosts a cycling event which circumnavigates the island. As many of my friends in the various cycling groups I belong to were taking part in this event this year, it was only natural to join them on this unique free event. »

suoman commute machine

A Budget single-speed build @suoman was having real issues with her 100 quid department store bike so I decided to chip in and get her something better especially after hearing how nice it would be to own a racing-style-not-so-heavy-bike. I had a think and came up with a budget (< 120 GBP total) for her new ride. »

Norfolk Nobbler 2017

London to Cambridge to Hunstanton to King’s Lynn The first long ride of the year was done with the London Beer and Bike Group; leaving from Bernie Spains Gardens in Southwark, the route was to take us to Cambridge via the canal towpaths in the east end of London and through Ely onward to King’s Lynn and to the beach at Hunstanton. »

Manchester Critical Mass February 2017

I hadn’t been in town to join critical mass since moving to Manchester in Sept 2016. Finally free of obligations in London for the last Friday of the month, I decided to join fellow cyclists for Critical Mass. I ordered some of these 10 meter LED fairy lights (7 GBP) off Amazon a while back for our flat and they were conveniently USB powered. »

Free Spirit Single-Speed Conversion

My parents purchased a pair of old road bikes from the mid/late 70s in relatively good condition for their age before the family moved to Toronto (around 2011). The bikes were both “Free Spirit” branded machines that were apparently sold as lower-end bike shop bikes rather than department store bikes: they were relatively well built and had good components fitted to them. »

Dahon Classic V

First released to the public in 1982, it came in single-speed, 3-speed internal gear hub (IGH), and 5-speed derailleur options. Having the smallest fold in a production bike at affordable prices, it became an instant consumer hit. The original design itself lived on for a number of years into the 90s. »


Inbound to Cambridge from London We started off at city hall as an FW-club ride. And took one of the more direct and least elevated routes to Cambridge. Stopped 30 km short of Cambridge for lunch and a pint at a local pub. When the group got in, they settled into their YHA rooms and I checked in at my AirBnb. A pleasant ride especially after the late night on Friday. »