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2015 - 2017

creative UX agency
2 years
Senior Developer
Led and mentored development team to:
  • Develop in-house tech innovation
  • Improve client processes
  • Establish guidelines and processes for third-party collaboration on short-term projects
  • Cross-train in-house designers for web development to reduce project risk
  • Maintain development infrastructure including CI, and local development containers
Developed several high traffic internal tools to strengthen workflow transparency for clients.
Create and maintain separated continuous integration infrastructure and automated documentation generation.
Authored open-source projects related to problems solved during client work.
Published popular tech articles to build company brand as tech powerhouse.
Deep research into emerging technologies (e.g. VR, bots, IOT) as part of business innovation initiative.
Responsible for the technical screening and developer hiring process.
Extend existing working processes to allow for flexible and remote work roles to increase retention.

AngularJS, Typescript, NodeJS (Express), WebGL, Canvas API, Unity3D, Slack API, Occulus SDK, Docker, Cordova, UnderscoreJS, Three.js

UX Tools
Zeplin, Axure, Sketch, Invision

CI / Project Management
AWS, Jenkins CI, Confluence, Jira, Trello, APIDocs, JSDoc3, Markdown, Jasmine, custom Slack bots, StatusHero
2014 - 2015

social platform
12 months+
Led frontend team to implement and release key site features:
  • Sharing content within the platform
  • Site messaging system
  • Content favoriting
  • UI / UX delight elements
  • First-use tutorial animations
  • Rate limited anonymous access to site content
Release a stand-alone web app for mobile using micro JS libraries and a minimum of code
(within a month from prototype to production)
Refactor existing front-end desktop site code to resolve framework and anti-pattern issues.
Contributed significant development effort throughout the full technology stack:
  • Create and maintain dev-ops scripts (S3, Route 53, SES, continuous deployment)
  • Implement new features on the API (NodeJS, MongoDB)
  • Actively code for web spec, targeting hardware accelerated features in modern browsers
    (CSS3, Storage API, Notification API)
  • Constantly re-orient team knowledge by encouraging communication and pair programming
  • Rectify any source control issues within the continuously integrated project repositories
Researched competitors and identified high value, low effort enhancements to core product.
Enhanced site-wide usability by optimizing for 60FPS in all UX interactions.
Supervised a section of the technical screening process.
2012 - 2013

1 year 8 months
Frontend / JS Developer
Create and release several major features in the pool of image services:
  • Upload images from anywhere on the site with a variety of input methods
  • Create memes from new and popular images using the WYSIWYG HTML5 meme editor
  • Redeveloped the Imgur experience for mobile web, PhoneGap Android and iOS platforms
  • Convert any YouTube video to a GIF animation with size, framerate and color options
Developed several ways to deploy ads within the mobile site to grow revenue:
  • Sponsored ad units that look like gallery items
  • Mobile ad inserts on comment threads and album items
Devised integration process using Behat and Selenium to maintain functional integrity between releases.
Analyzed traffic and referral data for prioritizing new gallery features.
Wrote tech blog posts to spotlight development processes for better community engagement.
Helped evangelize the service by drinking beer at countless start-up / tech networking events.
2010 - 2012

Logistics Supply Chain
Scheduling Planner / Optimizer
1 year 8 months
Application Developer
Resolved major issues in optimization algorithm; created scenario and unit tests.
Researched new heuristics and prototyped for improving load-planning including:
    3D binpacking, tabu-search and evolutionary methods.
Created Google Maps mashups for new data visualization mockups and reporting.
Provided developmental support for pre-sales team and legacy customers.
Responsible for technical screening of potential hires.
National Research
Council of Canada

Genomics / Proteomics Research
Support Toolchain
4 months
Bioinformatics Developer Intern
Coded features including node removal from literature and DNA-string search verification.
Automated network creation with BioJava and internal tools, reducing validation effort.
Tweaked tool to enhance predicted relationships from gene matches in prior knowledge.

Hardware Driver
Verification / Version Tracking
4 months
Software Engineer Intern
Sanitized data from multiple vendors to clear up naming ambiguities between driver builds.
Created and deployed an intranet test tracking tool to aid in external hardware testing.
Completed draft specifications and database schemas as part of development process.
Designed a simple interface to ease data entry workflow.
2007, 2008

Automotive Navigation
and Infotainment Systems
8 months
Embedded Developer Intern
Debugged custom protocols for I²C bus drivers due for production, boosting performance.
Provided developmental support for Audi, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz infotainment systems.
Resolved issues for proprietary navigation platforms, within-hours turnaround.
University of
2005 - 2010
5 years
Bachelor of Mathematics Co-op
Select coursework in statistics, probability, computer science and business finance.
5 year undergraduate work-study program: 2 years of accumulated internship experience.