Foldable "Dory" Rowboat
Inspired by similar plastic folding boats, I try my hand at life-scale origami.


Sculpting anew in polymer clay -- 2017
Dabbling anew in sculpting for 2017 after a long hiatus from the medium.

Sculpting in 2013
Figurines and doodles in clay and polymer clay.

My aborted attempt in applying welding skills to create a prop ray gun.


Bike bell mod
A simple hack to fix a faulty bicycle bell strap design.

M2 Clicky KB fix
Reviving a specific model of the old IBM "clicky" keyboards.


Chessmen designs in OpenSCAD
Spent a weekend learning OpenSCAD; I designed some chessmen!

DIY notes on Materials and Fabrication
A compilation of trivia about properties of some DIY materials.

Shortwave Radio
My first shortwave radio receiver.

Haier Elegance Phone
A tiny phone or a giant pill that makes calls? Read to find out!