the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture

Polymer clay sculpting

Petite Little Red Riding Hood After building Del a red mini-velo (named Little Red Riding Hood) last year, I thought I’d follow it up with a smaller version of the small bike as a gift during our first clay session. Having purchased a heat gun recently, I experimented with baking the pieces individually on a low heat setting, then joining them with industrial strength cyanoacrylate super glue. »


I wrote this toy during a particularly long and unproductive meeting that I couldn’t leave. Turn almost any web page into a shooting gallery with a click of a button. Source code »

Particle Tracks

Wrote a little procedural art widget drawing inspiration from bubble / cloud chambers used to study particle trajectories. This toy makes use of the excellent scrubbing dat.GUI library to change initial values. Live play Source code »

Random Cellular Automata

This is a toy script that generates a random 2D celluar automata ruleset and applies it to a randomly generated world with each run of the web page. You can click on the viewport to reset it with a completely different universe, starting population and rules for the universe. »

Generative Mazes

Mazes have always fasincated me. They can be generated via some simple rules and take beautiful, myriad forms. New Year’s Eve 2014 Maze Maze generator remixed! New years message written for friends for 2014. source code Maze generator using the <table> element Maze generator toy that draws mazes with tables and CSS-borders instead of canvas: runs in IE and also quite well on the Kindle experimental browser. »


Laser shooting prop gun After finishing a few basic machining courses, I was very much tempted to explore inventing and making something which was not a test weld or a simple bottle opener from 18 gauge mild steel. Enter the raygun shooting saloon. »

Sculpting in 2012, 2013

Starman & Crashed UFO late 2012 Starman1 Starman2 Starman3 A ceramic homage to Earthbound created as part of a ceramics course. The starman’s insignia is glazed in black. »

Textured 3D tunnel

I spent a weekend night implementing an old demoscene 3D tunnel rendering trick in HTML5, here are the results: Textured, shaded, ray casting rendering of a tunnel. Camera is free to rotate, pan and change focal length. Controls: W + mouse look A S D Source code See code on Github »